How To

Build Your Real Estate

Investment Foundation From Flips To Rentals 

With Welby Accely (AtMyBest197)

...In 2 Weeks

Next Class Starts In March 2024

How To

Build Your Real Estate

Investment Foundation From Flips To Rentals 

With Welby Accely (AtMyBest197)

...In 2 Weeks

Next Class Starts In March 2024

Learn How To Build Your Real Estate Rental Portfolio Using Profits from Flipping Properties In Your Backyard Even If You're In A Big Market!

This is an immersive workshop style curriculum over two weeks where new or seasoned real estate investors acquire the knowledge & tools needed to start building a five figure monthly rental portfolio by understanding the foundations of flipping real estate for profits to re-invest into rental properties. The best part is that I will be teaching the entire program 100% myself and not from my mentee or anyone else. 

This program is held over two weeks on Mondays & Wednesdays 
Starting at 7pm EST

Here’s What You’ll Learn Each Day Of The

2 Week ‘Real Estate Kickstart' Program!

Day One

ATMYBEST Guide To Real Estate Investing

This is an introductory class where you learn the overview flow of how I've built my five figure monthly income with my rental portfolio. You will understand that how I create the capital I needed to start and scale my investment portfolio.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...
✔️ Understand the benefits and risks of investing in real estate
✔️ Identify the key factors to consider when evaluating investment opportunities
✔️ Evaluate your personal investment goals and risk tolerance

Day Two

Understanding Your ROI And Financing The Deal

Investing in real estate is more than just closing the deal. It is very important that you learn to buy right. In this session we will review the important numbers you need to learn in this business and how to make your money on the buy.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...
✔️ Learn how to analyze the financial feasibility of a potential investment property
✔️ Understand the key financial metrics to consider when evaluating investment opportunities
✔️ Learn how to leverage other people's money to finance your investments

Day Three

Finding and Analyzing Deals

There are a lot of deals around you but most people are not sure what to look for. In this class, I will show you that regardless of what city you live in (both big or small cities) there are deals in your backyard that you are missing out on.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...
✔️ Identify the risks associated with real estate investing
✔️ Understand how to structure a deal that maximizes your returns
✔️ Identify common pitfalls to avoid when structuring real estate deals

Day Four

Building Your Rental Portfolio

This is where you'll put everything you've learned into practice. You'll learn how to find potential investment opportunities, analyze them using key metrics, and execute a successful flip of your first real estate investment. This session is all about taking action and putting your newfound skills to the test.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...
✔️ Learn how to manage renovation costs and stay within budget
✔️ The introduction to setting your rental portfolio
✔️ Learn how to build a team to support your real estate investment business
✔️ Identify common pitfalls to avoid when managing rental properties

The Real Estate Kickstart Program Is A Premium Mentorship That Provides Students With Real Practical Solutions


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Meet Your Mentor

CEO of WA Property Inc, Owner of an 8 Figure Real Estate Portfolio That Nets A High Five Figure Monthly Income

Welby Accely

Dear Investors,

I know what it's like to dream big and struggle to achieve those dreams. I've been in your shoes. I've failed, I've been broke, and I've felt the sting of defeat. But I'm here to tell you that it's possible to turn things around and achieve massive success in real estate investing.

If you're like me, you know you can do more beyond your 9-5 Job but you need to understand how to leverage it better. You want to achieve financial freedom, spend more time with your family, and live life on your own terms. Real estate investing can be the key to unlocking all of that and more.

I started out just like you, with a dream and a lot of determination. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I learned from each one and used them to build my business. Today, my real estate investments have grown to an 8-figure business, and I want to help you achieve the same level of success.

Whether you're a new investor just starting out or a seasoned pro looking for guidance and mentorship, I can help. I know what it takes to succeed in this business, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Here's what I can offer you:

✔️ Proven strategies for finding the best deals and maximizing your profits
✔️ Guidance on how to minimize risk and avoid costly mistakes
✔️ Mentorship and support to help you stay motivated and focused on your goals
✔️ Access to a network of successful investors who can offer additional insights and resources

If you're ready to take your real estate investing to the next level, I invite you to join me on this journey. Let's work together to achieve financial freedom and live the life we've always dreamed of.

Welby Accely (@AtMyBest 197)